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Co-chaired: Russia

Main Coordinator: Russia 

The Working Group was created in January 2012. 

The key goal of the Working Group is the development of proposals on the formation of a competitive environment in the pharmaceutical market and ensuring access to medicines for the population, in particular in developing economies, vulnerable to unfair and anticompetitive practices, such as large multinational pharmaceutical giants are increasingly using the BRICS pharmaceutical markets as a "testing grounds”. The BRICS region, with a population of 40% of the world's population, is often ranked by the global pharmaceutical industry as the most actively growing market and is seen as a key growth point. Thus, the pharmaceutical industry requires effective and close monitoring by the antimonopoly regulators of developing countries due to its high social importance.

The Working Group carries out its activities via consulting and exchanging non- confidential information among the members, organizing meetings with representatives of relevant state authorities, business and other interested structures. During the existence of the Working Group, its members have discussed such topical social issues as pricing for medicines, compulsory licensing and protection of intellectual property, increasing the availability of medicines for the population through reducing selling prices, etc. 

That’s why the joint coordinated activity of the BRICS Competition Authorities in the format of the Working Group becomes the driving force that can develop practical answers to the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. The results of such cooperation step by step create favorable economic conditions for the development of competition, which has a positive impact on economic growth and the level of the population well-being.

Key documents

Minutes of the 12th Meeting on April 20, 2018

Minutes of the 12th Meeting of the International Working Group for Research of Competition Issues on Pharmaceutical Markets "Achieving Balance between Public Health Interests and Intellectual Property Protection: Experience and Prospects". 


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Roundtable “Anticompetitive practices of the Big Pharma: response of the BRICS Competition Authorities” took place on September 25 within the framework of  the International Russia Competition Week
During Competition Week, on September 25, Alexey Ivanov acted as a moderator of the discussion held within the framework of the Working Group on the study of competition problems in pharmaceutical markets.
On March 24 at the World Trade Centre a joint meeting of the International Working Group on the research of competition issues in the pharmaceutical sector was held, with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, with a high-level panel discussion on: "the Experience of the BRICS countries in overcoming the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the availability of medicines".