Russia Competition Week: Academic meet up


The meeting was attended by representatives of the academic community and Antitrust departments of the BRICS countries. The meeting was opened by Ioannis Lianos, who presented a project developed by BRICS centre for law and policy research and its’ agenda. The project aims to develop efficient solutions to stimulate competition in the BRICS countries in the digital markets. Leading lawyers, such as: ioannis Lianos, Bjorn Landquist, Caio Mario Pereira Neto have started working on the project. In the nearest future, they will be joined by young academics and researchers from the BRICS countries.

The working group “Competition Law and Policy for a Digital Era” is a project with an ambitious goal: to lay the foundation for the relations of the antimonopoly authorities of the BRICS countries and to make the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre a platform uniting the BRICS departments. The ultimate goal of the project is the cooperation of the antitrust authorities of the BRICS countries, which is vital in the face of digital giants, price and auction robots and algorithmic cartels. This platform will provide authorities with a unique opportunity to join efforts in maintaining competition in a rapidly changing world.

Already three studies have been prepared in the framework of the project: Polycentric Competition Law, Blockchain Competition and Cartel enforcement: Innovative Technologies in Hands of Competition Authorities. The last study, prepared by Alexey Ivanov, Director of the Institute of Law and Development, and two employees of the Institute, Ekaterina Semenova and Igor Kharitonov, was presented and discussed at the Meeting.
The participants of the Meeting, including representatives of the FAS Russia - Elena Zaeva and Anatoly Golomolzin and the commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele from South Africa, approved the work on the project and highly appreciated the potential of the BRICS Antimonopoly Centre.