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FAS December Conference
FAS December Conference


The December Conference has been hosted (annually) in Moscow for many years and supported by the Russian Competition Authority (FAS) and the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development. Every year we choose relevant topics for discussion in the field of international competition law and policy enforcement. This time we are focused on one of the hot issues - an adaptation of antitrust regulation to the needs of the digital economy.

Internet use has grown enormously in the past two decades; however, governments and regulatory agencies have struggled to keep up with rapidly changing internet technologies and developing digital markets. We intend to invite an array of academics and competition authorities’ officials from BRICS countries. The conference will give a chance for researchers and legislators to assess the limits of competition, consumer protection, and privacy laws in an advanced algorithm driven environment to reflect on enforcement gaps and policy implications that regulatory bodies such as competition commissions face in a fast-developing digital economy. 

The sessions will be dedicated to topical issues of modern antitrust law, such as the dominance of digital platforms, control of global transactions of economic concentration in new conditions, countering cartels in the digital age, abuse of intellectual property rights, tariff regulation, control of state order, etc.


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Start: December 06, 2018
End: December 07, 2018
9:30 AM - 5 PM
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Ryurik Kislov, HSE-Skolkovo Institute Deputy Director:

Adress: Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center, Malevicha str. 1, Hypercube
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